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Kasap - export of the high quality of the vlasniy virobnistvo

The Kasap Company – the high-quality oil production

We, the Kasap company, have been engaged in cold-pressing for natural oils for over 15 years. One of the key activities is the production of pumpkin seed oil and the sale of pumpkin seeds of various sizes. In addition to working with pumpkin, we also produce other types of oil, such as flaxseed, amaranth, garlic, and others. You have an opportunity to take a close look at the full product catalog on the website or by phone from our manager.

Our production lines are located in Kharkiv. High-quality products are achieved thanks to advanced technologies for the preparation and processing of raw materials. We are completely devoted to our work.

Working with us, you choose professionals who strive to make this world of a better quality.

The Kasap company is a Ukrainian manufacturer. In addition to natural butter, we specialize in the production of nut kinds of butter.

 We will be glad to cooperate with you!