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Black cumin oil

Black cumin seed oil is a tasty and medicinal product with a wide range of therapeutic effects.


The Prophet Muhammad is credited with the words that black cumin is a cure for all diseases except death. Bottles of oil from these seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs. Today it is used as a raw material in pharmaceuticals, as well as in culinary delights. The highest quality product, providing the maximum amount of nutrients useful for human health, is made using the so-called cold pressing of seeds containing about 36% vegetable fat. This is the kind of caraway oil offered by our company, which produces it.

The product contains saturated and unsaturated acids, vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, iron. It helps with inflammation, spasms, allergies, colds, high blood pressure, and makes it possible to improve immunity.

The oil tastes sweetly and spicy at the same time, has slightly sweet notes. It is perfect for meat dishes, sauces, and goes well with salads. However, it can be mixed with other oils. To strengthen the body, it can be added to tea, mousses, and various hot drinks.

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