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Coconut oil

This vegetable oil has several scientifically proven benefits.

Previously, it was mainly used in cosmetology. Now the scope of its application has expanded significantly. The manufacturing process for this product usually involves hot pressing. At the same time, we can also admit the cold pressing method, which makes it possible to obtain oil with a full range of useful substances. It is such a product that our manufacturing company offers.

In liquid form, it is a yellowish substance with a coconut aroma. When the ambient temperature reaches 24 degrees, the mass becomes like a gel. At 14 degrees, it becomes denser. The oil contains almost 90% of fats that are good for the human body. In addition to them, the product formula provides for the presence of vitamins K and E, iron, acids, etc.

Consiming this oil allows you to fight inflammation, increase immunity, balance hormones, and optimize digestion. In cooking, coconut oil can easily replace butter. You can also mix them by adding them at the end of cooking. It goes well with side dishes, soups, sauces, hot appetizers. It is used in baking and in various desserts.

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