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Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is the main source of replenishment of the body with lignans – special antioxidant elements.


In fact, a rich source of vitamins and essential nutrients for the body, this product consists of almost half of Omega-3 plant origin. The preservation of all useful properties is guaranteed by the cold pressing method, which our company uses in the process of manufacturing this oil. Only this method is permissible in the manufacture of these products – no other methods are acceptable.

Eating it in a certain dosage makes it possible to reduce blood cholesterol levels and improve the general condition of the cardiovascular system. With the ability to thin the blood, the oil prevents the formation of vascular plaques and blood clots.

The naturalness of the product is evidenced by the specific taste of the oil, with a noticeable bitterness. For the human body to function normally, it only needs one or two teaspoons of the product on an empty stomach. Or it can be used to dress salads, cereals, potatoes, and other dishes. You should not give it to heat treatment, otherwise, there will be no benefit from such oil.

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