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Hemp oil

Hemp oil is considered to be a high-quality dietary product with unique digestibility, which has recently been undeservedly forgotten.


It is made from hemp plants, which have been known on the planet since ancient times, and until recently were massively grown for economic purposes. The oil is made from seeds and pressed stems, while the best quality is obtained using the cold-pressed method. Our company, which sells this product, applies exclusively this method, which allows us to fully preserve all the nutrients.

The composition of hemp oil contains almost 80% of so-called good fats. Therefore, in dietetics, it is perceived as the most balanced in nature. Consuming the product on an ongoing basis makes it possible to successfully fight inflammatory processes in the body, improve the work of the heart and metabolism in the stomach. Hemp oil also has the ability to maintain vitality, increase immunity, and protect against allergies.

This greenish product with a barely noticeable sourness and original aroma is used to fill salads in cooking. It is also added to various ready-made dishes, but it is undesirable to give it to heat treatment.

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