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Milk thistle oil

The benefits of milk thistle oil are invaluable – it is used in the treatment of a large number of diseases, as well as for prophylactic purposes.

This plant is perceived by many as an ordinary weed that grows massively along the roads. However, the oil made from it has unique properties, especially when it is prepared by cold pressing. This method is used by our company, providing a high-quality product for sale.

100 grams of milk thistle oil contains 880-900 calories. It contains beneficial fatty acids, essential oils, and substances that help eliminate toxins. Consuming this product on a regular basis in a certain amount can improve the strength of blood vessels, lower cholesterol levels in the body, strengthen the heart muscle, and remove inflammatory processes in the liver and the digestive tract.

The oil itself does not have a vigorous taste and has a pleasant smell of dried nuts. When used in cooking, it should not be heated, as in this case useful properties are lost, and the product may acquire an unpleasant taste. Therefore, it is best to add it to dishes before serving. At the same time, it is most successfully combined with salads and vegetable snacks.

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