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Oil from the Lakomka kernel

Oil from the kernel of the confectionery sunflower of the Lakomka variety is one of the most popular in cooking.


It is distinguished by a special taste, thanks to which this product is widely used in almost all confectionery factories in Ukraine. And its rich chemical composition allows it to be used by people of absolutely all ages. The seed kernels contain many useful substances: vitamins A, D, E, as well as a large number of acids – stearic, linolenic, palmitic, peanut, Omega 3, and 6. When making oil from such raw materials, it is extremely important not to allow it to be heated – in order to avoid losses of useful elements. Therefore, our company, which is a producer of oils, passes seeds through a special cold press, and then settles and filters the finished product.

Consuming the oil from gourmet kernels makes it possible to protect your body from atherosclerosis, increase immunity, and also cleanse the body of toxins. Thanks to the presence of vitamin E in humans, the functioning of the liver, blood vessels, and nerve fibers improves.

It is in demand when cooking at home because such oil can not only be added to ready-made meals, but it is also permissible to stew vegetables on it, fry fish, and cook according to vegetarian recipes.

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