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Pine nut oil

This oil has almost no equal in taste, nutritional, and health-improving properties. It is considered a delicacy, and its amazing taste and delicate nutty smell leave no one indifferent. We manufacture this product on our own, using exclusively the cold pressing method. That is why it contains all the beneficial substances that are in the grains of Siberian cedar cones.

Cedar nut oil surpasses animal fats in calories, but it is absorbed much better than, for example, chicken eggs. It contains large amounts of vitamin E and a host of other valuable nutrients. The product helps in the treatment of skin diseases, stomach ulcers, allergic disorders. It should be used by those who live in environmentally unfavorable conditions and to increase the body’s energy reserves.

In cooking, it should not be heat treated. Basically, oil is used for dressing various dishes – first, vegetables, cereals, etc. It is ideal with cheeses and fruits, and when seasoning sweet cereals with it, you can add less sugar, since the product itself is a little sweet.

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