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Almond paste

How useful and nutritious almonds are, even people who are far from dietetics know well.


The paste made from these nuts is a real treasure trove of useful substances: there are magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, half of all B vitamins, high content of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, and much more. It is high in calories – 605 calories per 100 grams of the product, as well as 18.9 g of proteins, 55.1 g of fat, and 16.6 g of carbohydrates. But those who are afraid to put on weight may not worry, since the fats in the paste are practically not deposited on the waist. And the proteins this paste comtains are the valuable building material for muscle tissue.

Consuming this product on a regular basis allows you to normalize the functions of the heart and blood vessels, increase immunity, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and strengthen the skeletal system.

Our company is a manufacturer of this delicious product, using fried almonds, vegetable oil, salt, and sugar in the production process. In cooking, the almond paste will always be in demand. Not only desserts and pastries are made from it but also seasoned with cereals, added to smoothies, used as a component for sauces and various dressings.

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