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Cashew paste

Roasted cashew paste is popular with those who look after their diet and health.


This nutty fruit is distinguished by an amazing creamy-sweet taste and delicate aroma, which is why it is often used in the kitchen. It is noteworthy that cashews are the only nut in the world that ripens outside the fruit. And the presence of a caustic compound of cardol between its skin and the shell can cause skin burns. Therefore, before use, nuts are certainly amenable to heat treatment.


Our company offers delicious roasted cashew paste with added sugar and vegetable oil. This product contains a lot of useful substances, particularly 19.2 g of proteins, 47.7 g of fat, and 24.8 g of carbohydrates, has a caloric value of 563 calories per 100 g. Eating pasta improves the functioning of the brain and blood vessels, strengthens the immune system and memory, normalizes metabolism as well as weight. It is also useful for heavy physical exertion and loss of strength.


Roasted cashew paste is a healthy addition to your breakfast. Experiment: add it to porridge, cottage cheese, eat it with fruits and berries, prepare healthy sandwiches for yourself and your loved ones – and your mood and well-being will significantly improve.

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