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Classic peanut paste

Peanut paste is a unique product that can help fight acute malnutrition.


Unfortunately, peanut paste is not very popular in Ukraine, while in America it is always present in every home. This is an extremely high-calorie product, containing 631 calories, 27 g protein, 52.5 g carbohydrates per 100 grams. For an adult, it is enough to eat 4 tablespoons of this paste a day to feel full of energy. It is not for nothing that many athletes use this product in their diet.

We sell peanut paste of our own production using selected peanut grains. In addition to the peanut itself, the product also contains sugar, salt, and vegetable oil. It can be spread over dried toast bread – a couple of these slices will be an excellent alternative to a full breakfast. Also in the morning, it is useful to eat peanut paste with fruits – apples, bananas, etc. This makes it possible to qualitatively start the metabolic process in the stomach. Many people add it to smoothies or oatmeal. And an original appetizer with an indescribable play of tastes is a spoonful of paste inside a celery stick sprinkled with raisins.

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