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Peanut butter with cocoa

Peanut butter with cocoa – delicate, tasty, chocolate-nutty, will be the best breakfast for every day.


This product is truly versatile and amazing. Real gourmets adore cocoa paste for its rich nutty taste, healthy lifestyle supporters love for its naturalness and abundance of vitamins. If you eat it with proper proportions, you have an opportunity to lose weight, despite the high-calorie content of the product – 627 to calories per 100 grams.

We offer our own butter, in the production of which finely ground peanut kernels are used. Cold-pressed vegetable oil, sugar, salt, and cocoa powder are used as additions in its composition. It contains proteins in the amount of 26.5 g, fats – 51 g, carbohydrates – 19.5 g. In the refrigerator, the butter becomes harder, and at room temperature, it softens and becomes ideal for spreading on toast, cookies, fruits.

The valuable properties of the product are due to the presence of many useful elements. These are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which make up about 40% of the total composition, this is both fiber and protein, which are perfectly absorbed by the body. The high nutritional value of peanut butter is a welcome positive for those who follow the diet or support its results.

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