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Sesame paste

A viscous, fragrant mass called Tahini made from ground sesame seeds is a popular ingredient in Arabic cooking.


The main qualities of the product are soft texture, tart-sweet aftertaste, and the strong aroma of nuts. In ancient times in the East, it was food for rich people. Later they began to eat it every day, and now sesame paste is served as a separate dish, sometimes being an ingredient in complex sauces.

We offer you to try this incredibly useful product. Our company is engaged in the manufacture of sesame paste using high-quality sesame seeds, adding salt and vegetable oil. The product is distinguished by a large amount of calcium – almost the same as hard cheese. It should be noted the high-calorie content of sesame paste – 563 calories. Proteins in it are in the amount of 18 g, fats – 46.8 g, carbohydrates – 16.1 g. If you eat the product on a regular basis, you can improve the functioning of blood vessels and the heart, cleanse the body of toxins, and lower blood pressure.

Sesame paste is perfect for meat dishes, bread, vegetable, and fruit salads. This food is simply unique in terms of taste. In Iran, halva is made from it; it can also be used with honey and various syrups.

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